Carlos Moya: 'Biggest improvement' of Rafael Nadal's game has been in his 2nd serves

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Carlos Moya: 'Biggest improvement' of Rafael Nadal's game has been in his 2nd serves

Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya have forged a successful team since the former world no. 1 joined his coaching camp. In a recent interview with Spanish news publication Marca, Moya shared about the tweaks and improvements in Nadal’s game in the last few years.

According to Moya, the “biggest improvement” in Nadal’s game has been in his second serve. Speaking about how this improvement came about, the older Mallorcan said, “He (Nadal) had had problems with injuries since 2015 and he also had problems with his confidence.

In general, he wasn’t working well (physically) and at the mental level as well”. Continuing, Moya added about his role, “When someone new joins the team, it is a new voice and you usually listen to it although it is the same thing that has been said by previous coaches.

The idea was to convince Rafa to be more aggressive and that happened with the improvement in his serve. The biggest improvement, I think, was in his second serve”. Finally, the 1998 French Open champion highlighted how these differences came about.

“Normally, he (Nadal) was always trying to put in more first serves… because of the weaknesses in his second serves,” Moya analysed. “He started a point defensively. I tried to (make him) go for the point, change the rhythm of the shots, (and) to keep the points shorter.

It was my luck that as soon as I joined the team, he reached the Australian Open final,” concluded Moya, referring to Nadal’s reaching the 2017 final against Roger Federer.