Carlos Moya explains Rafael Nadal’s serve evolution

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Carlos Moya explains Rafael Nadal’s serve evolution

Carlos Moya officially joined Rafael Nadal's team in late 2016. Since then, he has started a fairly positive path with the Spanish phenomenon, considering that the 19-time Grand Slam champion does not win a great title from the Roland Garros 2014.

Already in 2017, the former World number 1 played three Major finals, winning two and returning to the top of the world ranking. Together with Moya, Nadal has scored five slams in three seasons. “In the 2017 Roland Garros final I was nervous.

That time a bit more because we had just lost the Australian final against Federer and we didn’t know if he would return to the place where I think he belongs. What he played in that tournament is the best tennis I saw Rafa in recent years, “said Moyà, who reveals what Nadal’s most important improvement has been since his arrival.

“In 2015 he had had injury and confidence problems. In general, he was not working well and at the head level, either. My idea with him was to convince him to be more aggressive and that was to improve the serve. His great improvement I think was with the second service.

Generally, he tried to put many first inside in terms of percentage, so he started the point defending. I tried to get him to go for the point, changing the rhythm, making the points shorter “, revealed the coach in an interview with Eurosport.

Former ATP world no. 1 and coach of Nadal, Carlos Moya, remembers the first time he played Nadal in Germany, when he was 22 and Rafa was just 12. He shared the account in the book "Facing Nadal" by Scoop Malimowski: "I met him for the first time in Stuttgart.

He was playing an under 12s and I was playing the Masters event. We actually played that day and he was twelve and I was twenty-two. I think he was a very great player under twelve, he was very shy off court. But then we saw something different on court. But he was very hungry to play and compete and that’s something you could see right away”.