Luis Enrique: It is impossible to not love Rafael Nadal

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Luis Enrique: It is impossible to not love Rafael Nadal

Luis Enrique, the manager of the Spanish football team, says he is a big fan of 12-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal and also revealed how the Spanish tennis legend is quite an skilled footballer himself. During an online chat, the 50-year-old Enrique said he considers the left-hander "the ideal of what a sportsman should be"

"The truth is that you cannot be better (than Nadal) in terms of knowing how to lose. All the big winners have always been defined by winning many things, but when defeat comes you see a face of frustration - which is not the case with him.

It is impossible to not love Rafa Nadal." Enrique also spoke about how Nadal's uncle Miguel, who was a professional footballer, once predicted the greatness of his nephew when he was just a kid. "When we were at Barca, one day a super correct guy arrived, in the style of the Nadal family, and he told us: 'You know that my nephew plays tennis very well, he will be very good, champion of Spain already.'

And (I asked him), 'What does that mean, will he be number one in Spain?' And he said, 'Yes and more.' "Of course, later when we saw him burning through the tour.." Enrique also said he was very impressed with Nadal's football skills and wished he had been a footballer.

"In a match we played in Manacor between the team and Miguel Angel Nadal's teammates, Rafa was in his team, and he scored a volley goal that shook us. We said, 'If Rafa could have been a footballer..."