Moya: 'Rafael Nadal picks things from one or from another'

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Moya: 'Rafael Nadal picks things from one or from another'

After starting his career as a clay specialist, Rafael Nadal has been able to improve on all other surfaces. The Spanish champion has always had a great mentality and has made numerous progress also from a technical point of view.

Nadal’s coach Carlos Moya revealed that the Spaniard is a good listener. “I have to talk about myself because I joined the team three years ago, he already won 14 Grand Slams before that. So it’s amazing how someone still is listening when he has won so much in the past.

That’s something that you barely see these days,” said Moya on Tennis Legends at Eurosport. “It is very clear in his mind that he knows he has to be more aggressive and he listens to us. And he picks things from one or from another.

Then he tries to apply for himself, “ he added. “Some things work, somethings I said is not working, something Francis (Roig) said is not working but he tries that. Then it’s about failure. If he fails, then he sees that maybe it’s not working for him.

But it’s amazing how he listens, how he wants to improve,” Moya concluded. Nadal's playing style and personality can be summarised by Jimmy Connors: "He's built out of a mold that I think I came from also, that you walk out there, you give everything you have from the very first point to the end no matter what the score.

And you're willing to lay it all out on the line and you're not afraid to let the people see that." Despite praise for Nadal's talent and skill, in the past, some had questioned his longevity in the sport, citing his build and playing style as conducive to injury.

Nadal himself has admitted to the physical toll hard courts place on ATP Tour players, calling for a reevaluated tour schedule featuring fewer hard court tournaments. This "longevity" narrative has proved to be inaccurate and pundits today admire his resilience.