Rafael Nadal reveals Big 3’s secret to success

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Rafael Nadal reveals Big 3’s secret to success

Rafael Nadal has recently resumed training in his Academy after standing still for a long time due to the COVID-19 emergency. The Spanish champion reached the final at the ATP Cup and the quarterfinals at the Australian Open, then winning the title in Acapulco just behind the suspension linked to the pandemic.

Nadal on Big 3’s secret to success

In a recent interview with José Luis Clerc from ESPN, the 19-time Grand Slam champion discussed his successes on clay and Roland Garros: “I always say that when a record is broken, the tennis player they take it from must be happy.

If someone ever won more than 81 games in a row on clay or added more than 12 titles in Paris, I would be happy, it would be positive for tennis. Everyone believed when Sampras won 14 Grand Slams, that no one would beat him and a few years later there were three of us who managed it.

I am aware that what I have done at Roland Garros is very complicated and that now it seems impossible to overcome it, but I have no doubt that someone will." Rafael Nadal also talked about the Next Gen players: "Questioned about the inability of young people to take over, Nadal is delighted with the current battle.

“The reality is that they are already there. There are many young players fighting for the maximum and winning important things. They have not been able to do it in Grand Slam, also because we have not left, so now there is a very nice fight between young people and” Old men “that I hope will last as long as possible in time.

We can talk about many technical things, but the most important thing is the love for tennis that the three of us feel. We meet an indispensable condition to get to where we have come, such as the ability to continuously adapt, overcome difficulties and improve.

sport always share the enormous passion they feel for it and that makes them continually excel themselves. With that and the right people in our environment, we have found the way to always improve."