Uncle Toni: '2013 French Open semifinal between Nadal and Djokovic was too much'

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Uncle Toni: '2013 French Open semifinal between Nadal and Djokovic was too much'

Rafael Nadal has played many matches that will remain in the history of tennis. The Spanish phenomenon has dominated Roland Garros like no other player, winning the beauty of 12 titles in Paris with only two defeats. One of the most iconic editions of the modern era is undoubtedly that of 2013, thanks to the splendid semifinal between Rafa and Novak Djokovic.

The 19-time Grand Slam champion managed to establish himself in the fifth set after recovering from a late break (everyone will remember the famous invasion of the Serbian).

Toni Nadal on 2013 French Open semifinal

In a recent talk with Eurosport, uncle Toni recalled that amazing semifinal: “For me it was a wonderful match, because it had everything.

This match in Roland Garros was unbelievable because both played very good, it was very close, Rafael can win in the fourth, he loses, then in the fifth Djokovic can win and at the end 9-7. It was incredible, but for me it was too much”.

Toni also discussed Rafael Nadal's forehand: “I observed his attitude, physically and mentally from a very young age, his skills and his coordination. And then and I figured that Rafael could play with a lot of intensity, because this is how he loves the sport.

I always wanted that Rafael to be able to his forehand winners, but he plays with a lot of a spin, maybe too much sometimes. When we arrive on the ATP tour, Rafael was really young, he was 16 years old. And then he started to play with older players, with people who were stronger.

And then Rafael started to hit the ball a little late, he started to play high above the net with extreme spin. I didn’t like too much that he plays this way, but at the end I saw that it was a good way to win. His forehand is hit high above the net, but when the ball bounces, it keeps its speed with high speed… it accelerates (contrary to other players). Rafael moves his wrist a little faster and then the ball bounces, the ball has so much pace!”