Rafael Nadal: The new normality will be what we accept

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Rafael Nadal:  The new normality will be what we accept

Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal says that he does not like the new normality and would like to see stadiums with fans as well as seeing, hugging and sharing with people in the future.

Rafael Nadal says the new normality will be what we accept

The Spaniard, who is ranked No.

2 in the world, was speaking in an interview to El País Semanal in which he spoke about the current situation. He says he imagines "the courts and the full stadiums, which is how I like to see them. You have to be patient and find the medicine, but I don't believe in looking for a new normality .

The new normality will be what we accept. I like seeing people, hugging people, sharing with people ..., and we have to look for this again. We cannot settle for just eternally complying with distancing measures. " Nadal says he has very clear opinions about the current situation but does not want them to be politicized since the world is in a sensitive moment right now.

"I have very clear opinions, but unfortunately I cannot pronounce on whether things are being done well, very well, badly, because the reality is that what I tell the end is taken as a political issue. we are in such a sensitive moment that everything is politicized.

But there is a problem in politics, and that is that those who make decisions, unfortunately, always do so thinking that there are new elections. In an ideal world, it would be very positive if, in such a situation, the decision makers were the best in each field and without any political aspiration."

Recently, the Spaniard was criticized about some of the comments he made on how the crisis was handled in Spain. Rafael Nadal is a 19-time Grand Slam champion and is one behind Roger Federer in the race for most number of Grand Slam singles titles in men's singles history.

He has also won a record 12 French Open titles in his career. Nadal has also won a record 35 ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles, 21 ATP Tour 500 titles and the 2008 Olympic gold medal in singles. He has also held the world No. 1 ranking for a total of 209 weeks, including being the year-end No.

1 five times. The Spaniard has said that he has resumed training slowly in the last couple of weeks after being in lockdown for two months.