Rafael Nadal: 'We can't follow social distancing forever'

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Rafael Nadal: 'We can't follow social distancing forever'

The Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy has reopened. The Manacor plant finally has was able to welcome the number two in the world and above all the boys who train in the Academy. The 19-time Grand Slam champion had already returned to training in recent days, but now he can do it on his courts waiting for him to come back to play on the circuit.

"Finally we can back on the court, I'm happy to be back in my facility and I'm happy that kids can play too. They are delighted and it is the most important" - Rafa said in a video. The Spanish legend reached the final at the ATP Cup and the quarterfinals at the Australian Open, then winning the title in Acapulco just behind the suspension linked to the pandemic.

Nadal on accepting 'new normality'

Rafael Nadal opened up on the importance of being patient in a difficult time like this. "I imagine the tracks and the full stadiums, which is how I like to see them. You have to be patient and find the medicine, but I don't believe in looking for new normality.

The new normality will be the one that we accept," Nadal said. "We like to see people, hug each other, share with people ... and we have to look for this again. We cannot settle for just eternally complying with distancing measures" - the former World number 1 explained.

He added that the fund proposed by Novak Djokovic would help not just the players, but the sport as a whole. "Different measures have been taken, and one of them is to create a fund for the one hundred best players in the world to contribute an amount of money to help the rest of the players, who are having a hard time and are experiencing difficult situations.

This fund is to help the world of tennis in general, not just players. In difficult times you are forced to think about the one who is worse than you," Nadal concluded. Rafa has won 85 career titles overall, including the most outdoor titles in the Open Era (83) and a record 59 titles on clay.

With 81 consecutive wins on clay, Nadal holds the record for the longest single-surface win streak in the Open Era. He has been involved in five Davis Cup titles with Spain, and currently has a 29-win streak and 29–1 record in singles matches at the event.