Toni Nadal: Rafael Nadal is missing the competition. It is their fuel

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Toni Nadal: Rafael Nadal is missing the competition. It is their fuel

Toni Nadal, the former coach of World No. 2 Rafael Nadal, says that his nephew is missing the competition and the chance to measure himself against other players, during the current tennis shutdown. The tennis tour has been shutdown since March due to the current global pandemic.

Uncle Toni says Rafael Nadal is missing the competition

In an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Toni Nadal, who is the also the uncle of the Spaniard, says Rafael Nadal has been missing the competitive aspect of playing matches during the current lockdown.

"It has been a very strange period, with everything that is happening in the world. I have not spoken with Rafa about the break. We have spoken more about the Academy and the children who were confined there. He was concerned that they should spend these weeks with the maximum security and without being affected by being away from the family.

But I think he misses matches more than training. It has been difficult for him to lose his routine, travel the world and play matches. Rafael is a born fighter and, like the other athletes, he misses not being able to measure himself against others.

Competition is their fuel." The men's ATP Tour has suspended all tournaments till the end of July with the earliest possible restart for the tour coming in early August. The tour has said they would take a call by mid-June about the events to be held in August.

Toni Nadal also said that the current break is good for the older players like Rafa, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, who would be able to extend their careers now. "If the body and health help him, I think Rafael still has at least three or four years to continue to excel in tennis.

Who knows if they will be more , because this 2020 has allowed him not to force the body. The 'older' players have benefited the most from the hiatus, including Federer and Djokovic. With their comeback experience after other injury breaks, I think they will have the best chance of winning when the season is restarted."

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are all chasing the record for most number of Grand Slam singles titles. Federer currently leads the race with 20 Grand Slam titles, followed by Nadal with 19 and Djokovic with 17 Slams.

Nadal's 19 Grand Slams include a record 12 French Open titles. The Spaniard turns 34 years old on Wednesday June 3rd. The Spaniard is currently at his academy in Manacor where he has resumed training recently.