Moya offers some unique insights into the mind of Rafael Nadal


Moya offers some unique insights into the mind of Rafael Nadal
Moya offers some unique insights into the mind of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is famous at all latitudes for his winning mentality on the tennis court, without forgetting his ability to fight for each point as if his life depended on it. Carlos Moya and Francisco Roig, who accompany him during the season, were guests of the 'Tennis Legends' vodcast on Eurosport, where they indicated obsessive attention to detail as one of the secrets behind the success of the Majorcan phenomenon.

The 33-year-old from Manacor does not like to lose even a minute during training, a factor that helps him to always maintain the same concentration and intensity even during the matches.

Moya: 'Rafael Nadal is a perfectionist'

"To me he's a perfectionist," Carlos Moya said.

"He wants to do all well. Even when we practice, we do like duel, it's 40 balls, unbelievable, so hard. If he misses the first ball, he's upset. So I tell him 'Come on, you're not gonna have playing and hitting like that. None of your rallies you're going to have is gonna last 40 balls.

So don't worry the point is gonna finish before. He always wants to be better, he is a competitor," Moya stated. "He never give up. He's very demanding with himself. So that's one of the things that I think make him so good. And on the other side, he gets a lot of stress from that.

It's not just about winning, he wants to win and play well. He wants to feel 100%," Moya explained. "He wants to play well every point and that's not possible. So we have to put a lot of pressure on that with him, to chill, relax a little bit.

You need to play 100% maybe 10, 15 matches per year. The rest you have to try to win and to stay in shape, practice well. And then when you have these important matches try to be at 100% but it's impossible to play 80 matches a year playing your best, that's impossible.

I mean, you never agree 100 percent with everyone. That's that's not possible. But the thing is that what I said before, that the whole team we have a clear view of what we want from Rafa, that we agree on 99 percent of things." The former World number 1 also mentioned that along with Francisco Roig and agent Carlos Costa.

"It's good to have four eyes, two different voices, to pass the message to Rafael Nadal. And I have to say that we also rely on Carlos Costa, Carlos is his agent, but he was a top player before. So he's also a voice of experience, of knowledge of tennis.

We can talk to him not as an agent, but also as someone who knows about tennis a lot. So I think we fit very well. We talk a lot."

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