Uncle Toni: 'Rafael Nadal has known how to overcome all the problems he has had'

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Uncle Toni: 'Rafael Nadal has known how to overcome all the problems he has had'

Averting the possibility of worsening related to the pandemic, both circuits should resume in August. The USTA has managed to prepare a suitable protocol to allow the US Open to take place, which will start in Flushing Meadows on August 31st.

Toni Nadal, Rafael Nadal's uncle and former coach, gave a long interview with the Mundo Deportivo, where he analyzed all the news that has surfaced in the past week. Uncle Toni believes that there will be players with an advantage and others damaged by the resumption of the tour, as well as recognizing that some will opt to give up some tournaments.

Toni Nadal: 'I have been very lucky'

“We have experienced a situation undesirable by anyone. Tennis has been stopped and the players have wanted to compete and have had no chance of being able to do it. There will be people who will be very affected by the fact that tennis returns and it will have demotivated them a bit already others that will be very useful for tennis to return.

In bad weather, good face. It’s time to try to prepare and keep moving forward" - Uncle Toni said. He also talked about Rafael Nadal: "I have been very lucky because I was training a very talented boy and he made people believe that I was a good coach.

When you train a good player, It seems that people classify you as a great coach. I have also been very lucky to be surrounded by a very professional team that you want or they do not make things much easier for you. In tennis this happens, on television perhaps they will not make me seem a good presenter (laughs).

I do not know. I am no longer his coach but I trust that he is not too affected. Rafa has been a player who throughout his career has known how to overcome all the problems he has had. I think that the most affected in this situation They must be the oldest players.

That is, the Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. Although it is also true that if they retake it with great enthusiasm, they could use this break of several months to adapt their game and their body." The 2020 US Open is set to be played in Flushing Meadows, N.Y., on its originally scheduled dates of Aug.

31-Sept. 13. It will be immediately preceded by the relocated Western & Southern Open, which will take place at the same iconic site.