Rafael Nadal reveals details of his eating habits

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Rafael Nadal reveals details of his eating habits

To become a champion nothing can be left to chance. Rafael Nadal knows this well and, even - and above all - during his matches, he follows a very particular routine. There are those who define them superstitious gestures, those who are a real obsession but, whatever term is used, it is of little importance.

The Majorcan tennis player, in fact, must have his bottle of water as well as his personal towel in his place during the match. And, how can we forget the "ritual" before each service game: touching one's hair, arranging shorts and scratching one's nose.

Only then comes the ball toss and the service. In a Facebook live session on Friday, the former World number 1 revealed details of his eating habits and his cooking adventures.

Nadal: 'Have found routines at home'

"The routine is very similar, you don't want to take risks with your food," the 34-year-old said about his eating habits before and after games.

"Pasta, white rice, fish before a game. I also drink energy drinks to stay hydrated and fit for battle," the Spaniard continued. "For after games, some drinks and the food is already a little more relaxed, I have what I like."

During the course of the interactive session, Rafael Nadal also revealed how he has coped with the COVID-19 pandemic. "I have found routines at home," the 19-time Grand Slam champion said. "Gym machines have been sent to me from the academy and I have been in contact with my team, who sent me the training sessions and I have followed him, accepting the situation we have lived through and adapting ourselves to the conditions.

I cooked almost every day," Rafael Nadal said on his activities outside of training. "I also read, watched documentaries, learned things." Meanwhile, Kia Motors Corporation, the major partner of the Australian Open, announced a five-year partnership renewal with tennis all-time great Rafael Nadal via a global livestream training session hosted on his official Facebook page.

The broadcast gave fans the opportunity to help get Nadal back to match fitness, as he prepares for his return to the court. The renewal signing will extend the Nadal-Kia partnership beyond the 20-year mark, as then-young tennis phenom was first sponsored by Kia Spain back in 2004 before becoming Kia’s Global Brand Ambassador two years later at only 19 years of age.

Rafael Nadal has already announced his presence at the Madrid Masters, which is set to take place the day after the US Open final.