'Rafael Nadal played a game with a broken racket because...', says his biographer

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'Rafael Nadal played a game with a broken racket because...', says his biographer

It is now about a month before the definitive resumption of the tennis ATP circuit. Given this situation, World number 2 and 19-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has started training and is working on his return. During the medical emergency, Nadal remained stationary in Spain with his family and only recently, with the restrictions that have been loosened, Rafa returned to the court practicing with his coach Carlos Moya.

Rafael Nadal's biographer Angel Garcia Muniz spoke about what makes him the greatest athlete in the history of Spain.

Garcia Muniz on Rafael Nadal

"Everyone feels authentic respect and reverence for Rafael Nadal for the values he transmits," Angel Garcia Muniz said.

"You are almost more fond of him when he loses than when he wins. For the respect he shows to his rivals, towards the public and towards us (media) in a press conference. I stay more with his way of being than with everything he has earned," he asserted.

"I have asked the same question to all the athletes. And I still haven't found one who won't tell me the name of Rafa Nadal. If they say it, how can I not say his name?" Angel Garcia Muniz also spoke about the beginnings of the 34-year-old and how his early success was a result of the efforts of his Uncle Toni.

"At 14 years old he defeats a Wimbledon champion, at 15 his first ATP game and at 16 he beats Albert Costa, Roland Garros champion," said Garcia Muniz. "Toni is the one who has furnished the most incredible minds in international sport," the Spaniard added.

"Rafa played a game with a broken racket because he learned not to complain about anything. (Toni) made him pick up more balls than anyone else. If Rafa left the water bottle, he would not buy a new one 'so that he would never forget it again'," Garcia Muniz finished.

Nadal is embroiled in a three-way battle with Federer and Djokovic to finish with the most career Grand Slam titles. The Spaniard is currently sandwiched between the two with 19, one short of Federer but two ahead of Djokovic.

Nadal was asked about his favourite opponents during a Facebook Q&A session to announce the renewal of his Kia sponsorship deal. “My favourite opponents are one that I win against normally,” he replied.