Here's what Rafael Nadal eats before and after matches

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Here's what Rafael Nadal eats before and after matches

To become a champion, nothing can be left to chance. The current number 2 in the world and 19 times Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal is aware of this and above all before and after his race he follows a particular routine. Starting from some gestures that for some are superstitious and for others they are a true obsession, but Rafael Nadal is always attentive to even the smallest details.

We recently remembered how the Mallorcan tennis player is attentive to details such as the bottle of water nearby and a personal towel in position during the race and none of us can not pay attention to the now ritual before each service: Rafa si touch your hair, adjust your shorts and scratch your nose.

Only after Rafa throws the ball and serves.

Rafael Nadal's eating habits

On Friday during a live session on Facebook, the Spanish tennis legend revealed some details about his eating habits and his adventures in the kitchen.

Here are the words of the Iberian champion: "As far as food is concerned, I have a standard routine and I don't change to avoid taking risks. Before a competition I eat pasta, white rice and fish. I also drink energy drinks to stay hydrated and fit for the next challenge.

After the races then I allow myself maybe a few drinks and I am less firm in eating food, it is easier for me to eat directly what I like best "Going back to how the Pandemic lived Rafa said:" The Academy sent me the machines of the gym at home and I have been in contact with my team.

Every day they sent me the training sessions to do and I always followed the program. Obviously, as for everyone, it was a difficult situation but in the end I adapted to the conditions we were facing " Rafa Nadal started 2020 in 1st place in the ranking, but lost the position to the detriment of Novak Djokovic: the Spaniard disappointed expectations at the Australian Open where the tennis player was eliminated by Dominic Thiem in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

During a recent interview, Rafael Nadal analyzed the importance of physical exercise to maintain a good shape. He said: "The feeling and satisfaction of the body after doing physical work is very rewarding. It not only helps you in terms of trust, but also in terms of happiness."

Like any other athlete, the Spaniard also needs to relax and disconnect from his classic routine. In fact Rafa told: "When I can go overboard, I completely pull the plug. Even the simple fact of visiting friends, going home and feeling like having a rest," added the twelve-time Roland Garros champion.