Rafael Nadal: 'Many times it disconnects the people that we have in front'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Many times it disconnects the people that we have in front'

In the last calendar year, Rafael Nadal has participated in 18 tournaments, for which he had to travel to 12 different countries spread across four continents. 2019 was a fantastic season for the former World number 1, able to win Roland Garros for the twelfth time and the US Open (taking only one Slam away from the eternal rival Roger Federer).

The Majorcan phenomenon seems intent on focusing only on Roland Garros when he resumes the season, probably giving up defending his title in New York. The Iberian veteran will also take part in the Masters 1000 in Madrid and Rome, which will be held in the weeks preceding the Parisian Slam.

During a long conversation with former NBA champion Pau Gasol, Rafa explained how much technology has helped him feel close to home while traveling around the world.

Nadal on the role of technology

“I believe that there are many people and I agree that technology to us who travel a lot especially helps us much more...

Suddenly to see them every day by videoconference, to my family or my friends when I feel like. By pressing a simple button because I am in contact with them and I can see their faces" - Rafael Nadal said. “I also believe that this technology connects.

For example, it is connecting you to me at the moment that we are in different parts of the world and they filter in a certain way,” Nadal added. “I believe that without a doubt technology is a very important part within our lives.

(It) has given us some progress, I think that one is so valuable that it has incalculable value," Rafael Nadal stated. "For example, I have my social networks because I am not a person who is daily involved in social networking (physically).

I do not think that this allows me in a certain way, not being aware all day of not being a slave according to the many things of technological social networks,” he added. The legendary Spaniard drew on experiences from his own life to highlight them and said: “Many times it disconnects the people that we have in front.

I am the first here we are of the 8, there are 6 with mobile sometimes they are 8 with the mobile. And we are here having dinner and we are looking at different things on the mobiles. Well we are all a little bit slaves to technology today I just think that one has to set some obligations to not end up consumed by the screens.

I see it with younger people, with my cousins we are all having dinner and yesterday we are watching soccer with Maria and with the cousins at home, I say we are watching soccer but I really watch soccer and they watch soccer and 300 (the film) also in reality”.