'Rafael Nadal followed the WhatsApp group like a little kid', says former French star

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'Rafael Nadal followed the WhatsApp group like a little kid', says former French star

During his long career, Fabrice Santoro has reached the seventeenth position of the ranking. During his career he has collected 6 singles titles. His best result in a Grand Slam tournament is given by the quarterfinals reached at the 2006 Australian Open.

Fabrice has achieved his best results in doubles tournaments: he has won 22 tournaments, including 2 Australian Open (2003 and 2004, both paired with Michaël Llodra). In 2005 he also won the tournaments in Rome and the Tennis Masters Cup (always with Michaël Llodra).

Owing to his longevity on the tour and consistent ranking, Santoro holds several ATP records: the most career wins over top ten opponents for a player who never reached the top ten (40), and the third-most appearances in singles competition at Grand Slam events behind Roger Federer and Feliciano López (70).

He also has the second-most losses in singles play behind López (444, though he won even more matches). In a recent podcast interview with ‘Tennis Legends', Fabrice Santoro recalled his days in the IPTL, when he captained both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Santoro on Rafael Nadal

“I have the best of memories, the first year with Roger Federer and 2nd year with Rafael Nadal. I was captain in both years and was lucky to have both of them in my side. I lived some incredible time with them.

They are both very respectful and was really easy to work with them" - Fabrice Santoro said. “The most difficult part was that they are super normal and in the same time super unique. Because it’s two exceptional guys and perhaps we won’t know and guys like this later.

When you have to deal with them you see that they are super intelligent. You can see that they like to play and win, they like to learn" - he added. When he was asked specifically about Djokovic, the Frenchman said the following: “He is super nice as well but is less close with the captain.

You cannot have the same relationship with him. I like him but in a different way." He also added: “Rafa you just reached 2 days ago and I don’t have your phone number,” Santo had replied in amusement.

“Rafa was happy and began to use it all the time from morning to evening. He was always following the information in the group like a little kid as he was super happy,” Santoro reminisced.