“Charming” Rafael Nadal meets famous Spanish actress to chat about Spain's revival

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“Charming” Rafael Nadal meets famous Spanish actress to chat about Spain's revival

Ahead of the last weekend, famous Spanish actress Cristina Castano visited Rafael Nadal at his very own Rafa Nadal Academy to promote the Go Spain project, which aims to document the revival of the King of Clay’s natal country after the pandemic.

The two had a chat and took a picture, both of them wearing face masks. “With Rafael Nadal in the Rafa Nadal Academy’s Sports Centre, promoting the Go Spain event. Thank you Rafa for your time and for receiving us so well in your house,” Cristina captioned the photo she posted on her Instagram account.

Besides thanking Nadal for his warm welcome, the actress praised the Spaniard for his attractive looks and behavior, while making a reference at what happened under their face masks in the photo. “For those of you who do not know him in person, you should know that he is really charming, and that under the masks we are smiling, hahaha…” wrote Castano on Instagram.

Cristina Castaño is most known for her role as psychologist Judith Becker in the series 'La que se avecina'

Rafael Nadal, to inspire the revival of Spain in a new documentary

Cristina Castano came to Nadal’s academy as an ambassador of the Go Spain project, which has in working a documentary meant to show the values and the talent of Spanish people along with their efforts to recover from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Go, Spain! Go, Rafa! Thank you very much Rafael Nadal for opening the doors of Rafa Nadal Academy and teaching us the values ​​that accompany us in this project,” the project’s officials wrote on their Instagram account.

Nadal reopened his museum

Regarding the way Nadal manages to get his own projects up and rolling again, you should know that he recently reopened his museum. Fans can take a look at Rafael Nadal’s career accomplishments again after the 19 times Grand Slam winner’s museum was reopened on Friday.

The Rafa Nadal Museum closed its doors earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about more about the reopening, what can you see at the museum, and between what hours here.