Rafael Nadal: 'It would have been difficult to achieve that'

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Rafael Nadal: 'It would have been difficult to achieve that'

No US Open 2020 for Rafael Nadal. The Spanish tennis player has decided not to participate in the competition scheduled in New York between 31st August and 13th September. Nadal, reigning champion in Flushing Meadows, was sorry for this renunciation, but at the same time also very worried by the complex world situation caused by Covid-19.

Hence the decision not to travel and skip the first slam of the season after the disruption of the calendars for the health emergency. An absence that will be felt that of the tennis player capable of winning 4 editions of the tournament in his career.

Number 2 in the ATP rankings is not the first to give up. The names of Roger Federer and Fabio Fognini are also added to the list of defections. According to the list published by the organizers, there will be Novak Djokovic, who had complained several times about the anti-coronavirus rules and who then tested positive for the swab after the Adria Tour organized by himself.

In a Q/A session Rafa explained the reasons for the withdrawal. Saying that the COVID situation in the US was not under control and so after consulting with his team he decided to skip the US Open.

Nadal on his schedule

“The health situation is the first basic inconvenience when making my decision.

The situation seems not in full control, so in this case, after consulting with my team, we decided to skip the US Open”. Rafael Nadal said. “Second, the schedule is challenging after many months without competing.

Going from hardcourt to clay, with hardly any time for preparation, is dangerous for my body and my future,” he said. “If I am going to compete, all my senses have to be focused on competition to perform at my best, and it would have been difficult to achieve that,” he added.

The US Open have been resolute in their determination to press ahead this year despite the many challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Although the US Open will ahead, players must adhere to certain conditions, such as confinement to ‘bubble’ hotels and restricted numbers in terms of their entourage.

Fans are also not permitted to attend, making it the first ever behind-closed-doors Grand Slam. However, the legal situation has not been laid bare too, with the USTA asking players to sign away their right to take action against them in case of illness – or even death.