'Rafael Nadal is a real charm', says Spanish actress

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'Rafael Nadal is a real charm', says Spanish actress

Rafael Nadal's style of play and personality can be summed up by Jimmy Connors: "He's built from a mold that I think I come from too, you walk out there, you give everything you have from the first point to the end, no matter what it is.

the score. And you're willing to lay it all on the line and you're not afraid to let people see it. " Although initially considered only a clay court specialist, Nadal gradually proved to be extremely competitive on all surfaces, becoming the first player in history to simultaneously hold (twice) three Grand Slam titles on grass.

hard court and clay, and winning 10 Masters 1000, 5 Grand Slams and the Olympic gold medal on hard court. However, some are wondering about the possible length of his career which, due to his very expensive playing style, could be interrupted prematurely by injuries.

In 2009, for example, a tendonitis in the knees caused the Spaniard to be prematurely eliminated from Roland Garros, and his forfeit at the Wimbledon Championships Nadal himself admitted that playing a lot on hard court is tiring, and has repeatedly requested that the ATP calendar be changed, reducing the number of tournaments and increasing the weeks of rest.

Meanwhile, Spanish Actress Cristina Castano came to Rafa’s academy as an ambassador of the project and she had a lot of complimentary things to say about him.

Cristina Castano on Rafael Nadal

“Thank you Rafa for your time and for receiving us so well.

For those of you who do not know him in person, that you know that he is a real charm and that under the masks we are smiling" - Cristina Castano said. Rafael Nadal has admitted that the challenges of moving immediately from hardcourt tennis to clay was a huge factor in his decision to skip the US Open.

Nadal is the reigning champion at Flushing Meadows but has decided against defending that title. “The health situation is the first basic inconvenience when making my decision,” Rafael Nadal admitted in a Q&A.

“The situation seems not in full control, so in this case, after consulting with my team, we decided to skip the US Open. Second, the schedule is challenging after many months without competing. Going from hardcourt to clay, with hardly any time for preparation, is dangerous for my body and my future" - the 19-time Grand Slam champion said.