'Rafael Nadal had had a wrist injury and...', says Spaniard player

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'Rafael Nadal had had a wrist injury and...', says Spaniard player

Facing Rafael Nadal in a singles match is probably the scariest prospect possible for a tennis player. Two other legends like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have also had several problems facing the former World number 1, a 19-time Grand Slam champion who never gives up and fights on any available point.

Rafael Nadal is not only a phenomenon in the single category, but also in the double he has proved his great value several times. In a recent interview with Tenis Olimpico, Marc Lopez discussed his experience of playing and winning with Rafael Nadal.

Lopez on Rafael Nadal

“Rafael Nadal had decided since the beginning of the year who played with Verdasco (Fernando) and Feli (López) decided he didn't want to go to Rio. I ran out of options to go to Rio,” Marc Lopez said.

“At the last minute, Verdasco decides to resign and Rafa calls me and says - Verdasco is not going, together with Conchita we have thought that we play together,” Lopez went on. “He was coming very tightly.

If I remember correctly, he had had a wrist injury and had to give up the mixed. He is a fighter, he gave himself up, left his skin and was about to win a singles medal, he was fourth, and we won the gold medal in doubles," Lopez added.

The Rio run is something that both Marc Lopez and Rafael Nadal will remember for years to come. For Lopez, winning a gold medal with his best friend was nothing short of ‘historic’. "Being best friends and achieving something historic is very nice and we did it in Rio" - he finished.

Rafael Nadal does not often play in the double to avoid overwork due to the commitments in the single, but despite this, he has 11 titles won in the double, namely the Masters 1000 of Montecarlo and Indian Wells (this conquered twice) and the Olympic gold won precisely with Marc Lopez.

The two really show a great harmony and their chemistry could be an important factor in the next Olympics. Regarding the Olympics Bruno Soares explained: "The best thing about the Olympics is the great uncertainty, couples are formed who never play during the year, but who are suitable for playing together and become very insidious.

There is always a lack of information and at the same time there is surprise for the new couples who will perform, this is one of the most beautiful things we can see in the Olympics."