'I noticed that Rafael Nadal only trained on clay', says Top 5

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'I noticed that Rafael Nadal only trained on clay', says Top 5

The Coronavirus emergency has upset the international calendar, after forcing the top management of ATP and WTA to suspend both circuits for about six months. Numerous tournaments have been canceled, while others have had to adapt to the remaining holes in the calendar.

Wimbledon was canceled for the first time since World War II, the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed to next year, without forgetting that the US Open and Roland Garros will be held just two weeks apart. In between will be the Masters 1000 in Rome, which also benefited from the cancellation of the Mutua Madrid Open.

In a recent interview, Dominic Thiem was asked if he ever considered skipping the US Open to focus directly on Roland Garros. A choice that would have followed that of Rafael Nadal, who will not fly to New York to hunt for his 13th success in Paris.

Contrary to expectations, the Austrian revealed that he had never hypothesized such a scenario.

Thiem on Rafael Nadal

“I noticed that Rafael Nadal only trained on clay. Due to the revised ranking system due to Corona, he does not lose any points, so nothing happens for Nadal,” Dominic Thiem said.

“I had always planned the US Open, never wanted this Grand Slam omit. Provided that the accompanying circumstances such as entry, security, departure are appropriate,” he added. The ATP has recently developed a different ranking system than usual.

The system of the 18 best results over 52 weeks has been extended to a total of 22 months. This means that players have the opportunity to skip an event this year, without having to worry about defending the points they won last year.

In the absence of Federer and Nadal, Thiem will be one of the main rivals on Novak Djokovic's path to his 18th major. During a period when the entire world has been plagued by a health crisis, it is easy to lose one’s bearings and become disillusioned.

But Massu has ensured that Dominic Thiem remains ‘motivated’. “When you go through difficult times, you must have the ability not to shut yourself up and listen," Massu said. "Today with Dominic I try a lot to talk to him, prepare for the games and motivate him.

Dominic, being third in the ranking, will always be a candidate to win the US Open. He is clear about it, but everyone will also be looking forward to it,” Massu finished.