Watch Rafael Nadal's Congratulations message to Hamburg European Open organisers

Tennis - Nadal is a two-time champion at the Hamburg event

by Prakash
Watch Rafael Nadal's Congratulations message to Hamburg European Open organisers

Tennis - The new revamped version of the Rothenbaum Tennis Stadium, the site of the Hamburg European Open, was presented to the public a few days ago. Hamburg’s Sports Senator Andy Grote, entrepreneur and patron Alexander Otto, Vice President of the German Tennis Federation (DTB) Hans-Wolfgang Kende and the first chairman of the Club an der Alster, Dr.

Carsten Lütten, made the first serves on Centre Court. As per the tournament's website, the event received about €10m in funding to complete the site improvements, including an €8m donation from the Alexander Otto Sports Foundation while the City of Hamburg contributed €1m to the renovation of the roof.

The German Tennis Federation with its subsidiary DTB Stadion and Marketing GmbH, as well as local tennis and field hockey club, Club an der Alster, provided the remaining funds for the project.

Rafael Nadal's sends Congratulations message to Hamburg European Open organisers

12-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal also sent a congratulatory message to the tournament on this occasion.

Some of the modernisation measures that have been taken by the organisers include the entrance area to the stadium being redesigned,; All seats have been replaced with modern ones and the capacity of the stadium will be about 10,000 seats; there is an increase in the number of seats for wheelchair users and visually impaired people; and the tournament’s previous Hall of Fame has been upgraded, with a new, digital ‘Walk of Champions’ taking its place.

Besides this, there have also been updates to the roof, the facades, public toilet facilities, the signage systems and the Player areas. Besides Nadal, some other top players have also sent out their congratulatory messages to mark the occasion.

Steffi Graf, six-time Rothenbaum winner: “I am very pleased that the Rothenbaum venue continues to be an important sports facility for the city of Hamburg thanks to the great support from Alexander Otto and his sports foundation.

The Rothenbaum tournaments have always been fixed dates on the tennis calendar for the players and the spectators for many years and have become important milestones in my career. Thanks to the tournaments, Hamburg has become an important mainstay for me, and I am still closely connected to the city through my foundation.

I would like to thank Alexander Otto and all those involved who made this modernisation possible and I am pleased that many tennis fans can experience exciting matches in this beautiful stadium again”. Michael Stich, 1993 Rothenbaum champion: “Now the time has come!

The new Center Court will open its doors and it will surely be an absolute dream! I think it is great that Alexander Otto is so committed, giving the players the chance to experience a completely new feeling on court. Of course, the spectators will also be happy about it the same way.

I will always carry the Rothenbaum in my heart”. Boris Becker, 1990 Rothenbaum finalist: “I am also pleased that the Rothenbaum site has finally been renovated. I have many memories of the tournament. Most of them are pretty good.

Well, we do not talk about one or the other defeat. We are in 2020 and I am pleased that the Rothenbaum will shine in its old splendour again."

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