Murray: 'Rafael Nadal is one short of winning the same amount of Grand Slams as...'

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Murray: 'Rafael Nadal is one short of winning the same amount of Grand Slams as...'

On Sunday, world number two Rafael Nadal defeated Serbian Novak Djokovic in three sets in the Roland Garros final, going to lift his 20th Grand Slam trophy. Andy Murray says Rafael Nadal's haul of 13 French Open titles is arguably the best achievement in sport after the Spaniard produced one of his greatest performances at Roland Garros in Sunday's final.

Murray on Rafael Nadal

“So, providing they all stay fit and if they retire all at the same age, then I would think it would be between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic,” Andy Murray said. “And yeah, like I said, it depends a little bit on many things but if they both stay healthy and they retire at the same time, I think it will be between those two”.

Andy Murray is absolutely awestruck by Nadal’s achievements; the Scot strongly believes that his record will go down in history as an unbreakable one. “Yeah amazing achievement, I don’t think what he has done at Roland Garros will ever be beaten,” Murray said.

“I don’t see anybody beating that. Obviously he could win another one and make it 14 or 15, whatever he finishes on, but he is one short of winning the same amount of Grand Slams as Sampras did at just one tournament,” Murray continued.

“It’s incredible. I think it’s one of the best records in sport, maybe the best, so nothing really more to say on that." Nadal's victory gave him a 20th Grand Slam title overall, drawing him level at the top of the all-time men's standings with Roger Federer and three ahead of Djokovic.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a big toll on everyone, including Nadal with the Spaniard admitting the past few months have been “difficult”. “On a social level, we’ve been living with continuous problems,” he said.

“On a personal level, it’s a reality that after the lockdown I went through a bad time, my body did not respond in the best way possible. I had a lot of days where I could only train very little, with unpleasant feelings in my body.

All of that, together with training without clear goals, makes the problem worse”. Federer turned 39 in August and missed the U.S. and French Opens while recovering from an injury, but he has vowed to be back at the Australian Open next year.

"I hope 20 is just another step on the continuing journey for both of us," the Swiss said. "Well done Rafa, you deserve it." Djokovic is third on the list with 17 Grand Slam titles.