Rafael Nadal: 'My body did not respond in the best way possible'

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Rafael Nadal: 'My body did not respond in the best way possible'

With a clear victory in the final of Roland Garros over Novak Djokovic, one of the rivals of all time, Rafael Nadal reaches 20 Grand Slam titles and above all reaches the record of Roger Federer. The two, with the Spaniard at the thirteenth Roland Garros in his career, are now the two players with the most Majors in history in front of Novak Djokovic who remains stationary at 17 with regrets for what could have happened in New York where they were not present.

neither Federer nor Nadal himself. While speaking in a Q&A to the press after his win, the Spaniard revealed his personal struggles in the months leading up to his latest triumph.

Nadal on his struggles

"On a social level, we’ve been living with continuous problems.

On a personal level, after the lockdown I went through a bad time, my body did not respond in the best way possible. I had a lot of days where I could only train very little, with unpleasant feelings in my body. All of that, together with training without clear goals, makes the problem worse" - Rafael Nadal said.

"I had the right people by my side. They pushed me when necessary & they gave me the freedom to enjoy other things when I really needed to. We’ve had to make difficult decisions, like not going to New York. Everything is good or bad based on the final result.

Right now, it seems like it was successful because I won at Roland Garros, if I had lost maybe it wouldn’t have been so good. That’s the reality of sport, a totally result-based world. The decisions were made consensually, analysing everything.

Beyond the result, I’m very happy with the steps we took." Ranked No. 2 in the world currently, Rafael Nadal also revealed that being in the bubble at recent events was much harder for him than the members of his team.

"Personally, I find it harder than they (my team) do. I’m a person who prefers being with people more. Carlos (Moya) has always had the ability to get by on his own, as has Rafa (Maymo, his physio). For me it’s a little harder.

The days have seemed longer to me than to them, but we’ve rediscovered things that we had forgotten. It’d been 3 years since I’d picked up a PlayStation controller, and we played a lot with each other. We’ve also been reading the latest news & watching the odd series to kill time."