'Rafael Nadal doesn’t like to make a lot of changes in his life', says his friend

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'Rafael Nadal doesn’t like to make a lot of changes in his life', says his friend

As we know, World number two Rafael Nadal won his thirteenth Roland Garros title and twentieth Grand Slam trophy, beating Novak Djokovic in the final by a score of 6-0 6-2 7-5. Due to the risk of contagion from Coronavirus, the French Open had to create a US Open-style 'bubble', from which players were unable to escape.

As in all of Europe, the virus has returned to run also in France: to date there are more than 33,000 victims in the country, with almost 900,000 total infections. The tennis season, already heavily compromised in 2020, is now preparing to face the final winter phase, before starting everything again from next year.

Nadal’s close associate, Tomeu Salva spoke a few good words for his friend. He mentioned that Nadal doesn’t make a lot of changes in his team and his life.

Salva: 'Rafael Nadal believes in who is with him'

“Rafael Nadal doesn’t like to make a lot of changes in his life/team.

It’s a cultural thing and that’s the way he thinks. He believes in who is with him. I hope Rafa will play more 3, 4, 5 years" - Tomeu Salva said. 23-year-old Jaume Munar trains at the Rafa Nadal Academy and is coached by Tomeu Salva.

The young Spanish player is playing in the Lisbon Challenger and in his press conference spoke about being Rafa Nadal’s friend and practicing with him. “It’s a privilege to be a friend of Rafa Nadal. I talked to him today before the final.

More than a mentor, he is a friend. Spending time with him is very special”. Where did the plan come from to approach the final against Djokovic in that way? "My last match on clay with him was in Rome last year. There I was coming out of a very bad spell and I played very well.

I used that as a kind of reference. We went out with a more or less clear idea of what we wanted to do. And then the more complicated part came: putting it into practice. Luckily, yesterday was one of those days when I was able to do it.

My tennis game was feeling really good and everything worked perfectly" - Rafael Nadal explained. "In Rome, I have won nine times, the venue also suits me very well. Chatrier is a very difficult court, very big. You have some huge dimensions there.

However, there is one intangible thing. When you’ve played very well many times in one place, it’s easier to do it. There’s extra belief in yourself, and that has a decisive influence."