Rafael Nadal: Not true that I don't get along with Nick Kyrgios

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Rafael Nadal: Not true that I don't get along with Nick Kyrgios

Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal insists it's not true that he doesn't get along with six-time ATP champion Nick Kyrgios. Nadal, 34, and 25-year-old Kyrgios have a bit of a history but the Spaniard insists there are no hard feelings between the two as he is not a fan of holding grudges.

"They say I don’t get along with Kyrgios. That’s not true. I once told him what I had to say and that was it. Truth is that I get tired to keep on grudges," Nadal said, per Corriere della Sera.

Nadal and Kyrgios have clashed against each other eight times throughout their respective careers.

Kyrgios, a former world No. 13, has had success against Nadal as he has beaten the Spaniard three times and proved on many occasions that he is capable of competing extremely well against the record 20-time Grand Slam champion.

Kyrgios praised Nadal just a few days ago

Nadal, ranked at No. 2 in the world, absolutely destroyed world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the French Open to claim a record 13th title at Roland Garros and equal Roger Federer on the all-time Grand Slam record list with 20 Majors.

Kyrgios said seeing Nadal lifting the French Open title wasn't something that he didn't expect to see. "I wasn’t surprised when I saw Rafa Nadal pretty much easing his way through the draw at the French Open,” Kyrgios told Courtside Huddle.

“That’s his backyard, he loves playing there and he has only lost two matches in his entire career. "Honestly, in my opinion I don’t think we are going to see anything like that ever again. “Somebody so dominant on a surface he’s right there with the greatest of all time.

You can argue that he is the greatest." Kyrgios, now ranked at No. 44 in the world, admitted he and Nadal have had their differences but he can't take nothing away from the Spaniard's greatness. “You look at Federer, he’s the most dominant player of all time, but in this era it’s actually Rafa.

It’s a debate you can have," Kyrgios added. “We had our differences when we played each other. We’re fiery, we’re competitors and are going to go after each other. “But at the same time I am not going to take anything away from him .

He’s an absolute champion and 20 Grand Slam is ridiculous and I don’t think we are ever going to see that again”.