Magnus Carlsen Picks Rafael Nadal Over Roger Federer

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Magnus Carlsen Picks Rafael Nadal Over Roger Federer

One of the greatest rivalries in the sporting world has been that of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The two pioneers of tennis have shared a total of 40 Grand Slams between them. While some people prefer the Swiss maestro, the other half prefers the King of Clay.

Legendary chess player Magnus Carlsen revealed his strong affinity towards Rafael Nadal. Carlsen’s phenomenal performance drew a comparison with some of the greats of the sporting world such as Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

However, he preferred the tennis circuit over other arenas for comparison. The Norwegian claimed his style of play matches that of the Spaniards strong and aggressive aspect. “If there was a comparison with a great sport, I have always said that I prefer to be compared with the Spanish Rafa Nadal”.

Carlsen speaks out on both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

There is a contrast between the gameplay of Federer and Nadal. The Spaniard's power is an added asset that comes in handy apart from his individual attributes.

Whereas Federer is more inclined towards placement and perfection. Nadal is like a modern-day metal playlist while Federer is the classical ballad. Nadal’s grit and never give up attitude amazed Carlsen. The chess World Champion showered his praises towards the 13 times French Open Champion without hesitation.

“He is relentless, powerful. He is universal; he can do everything and everything extremely well”. Federer’s gameplay has been decorative throughout the years. His exquisite touch and elegance earned him admiration on a global level.

Even Carlsen admitted Federer to be more of an artist. However, he preferred to be the ‘monster’ like Rafa’. “I am not an artist like Federer. I'm more of a monster like Nadal”. Nadal equaled Federer’s 20 Slam tally this year by winning the Roland Garros.

Currently, he’s in London for the ATP Finals. On the other hand, Federer has been out of action for most part of the year. Even though he made a spectacular semi-final appearance in the Australian Open 2020, he’s been out of action since due to an operation on his knees.

While Nadal is hopeful about winning his maiden ATP Finals, Federer is back in practice and hopes to return to competitive tennis soon.