Rafael Nadal: "2020 will have a negative impact on the future"

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Rafael Nadal: "2020 will have a negative impact on the future"

2020 was a very strange season, unusual for all tennis players and the same goes for Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard's season was unprecedented given that due to the Pandemic he was forced to miss the US Open, but at the same time it was a fruitful season that brought him the13th Roland Garros title, especially his twentieth career Slam, a title that allows him to join the Swiss champion Roger Federer.

The Mallorcan told all his impressions of what happened to Celebrity magazine, revealing how the pandemic affected his personal balance, both physical and mental. The number 2 in the world remembers in particular how he spent the period of the Lockdown, a really hard period for his body and which also caused complications on his body.

Rafael Nadal's comment on the 2020 season

Here are his statements: "I think that the Lockdown did not help anyone but it was right since it was one of the few ways to avoid the spread of the virus. For those involved in the world of tennis it was really hard, especially then with a preparation where no one knew when he would return to play.

In the end, with a clear goal, we managed to work correctly, avoiding injuries and adapting to various needs. When the body stops for a long time, all this does not help and I had to work hard to recover both my physical condition and especially my tennis.

In general, if you ask various tennis players, they will all give you different opinions based on age. It was difficult as I am a very active person and staying in a house doing nothing is really hard. However, I dedicated my time to helping people in need, the campaign I did with the Spanish Red Cross and with Pau Gasol was really very important.

We are happy with the success it has had and with the money we have been able to raise to help everyone." Finally he also added: "The positive thing is that the people closest to me are fine and have been fine, no one has suffered from the pandemic.

In general the first thing is the health of my people, we all know that it has been a hard year and certainly this year will have negative consequences for the future." Rafael Nadal will come back on the court for the upcoming Australian Open 2021, with should be start in Melbourne on 8 February 2021. The Spanaird and the other great tennis stars on the planet will be protagonist of the great come back of tennis.