Rafael Nadal reveals why he chose tennis as a career

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Rafael Nadal reveals why he chose tennis as a career

Rafael Nadal responds present. The start of the Australian Open 2021 should be postponed, only official confirmation is expected from this point of view. However, the Spanish champion will be there. The Iberian, fresh from his 13th victory in Paris, wants to aim decisively at the success of another Grand Slam.

To confirm the intentions of the native champion of Manacor was his historic manager Benito Perez-Barbadillo at The Age: "Rafa will fly to Melbourne to play the tournament" Nadal, therefore, accepts the challenge of a Major that has often given him disappointments.

Rewinding the tape, his only seal dates back to 2009, when after five spectacular sets he folded his friend / rival Roger Federer. Then there were four lost finals: two against Serbian Novak Djokovic (current world No. 1), in 2014 against the Swiss Stan Wawrinka and in 2017 against Federer, in one of the most beautiful matches ever.

Rafa's ambitions are important. Given the fact that the aforementioned Federer may not be there for his recovery after two knee operations and a non-sparkling Djokovic, the Spaniard may have ambitious targets. However, the Majorcan will have to pay attention to the nouvelle vague represented by Daniil Medvedev and Dominic Thiem, protagonists of a beautiful final at the ATP Finals, who showed that he was there and wanted to endanger the status quo of the three tennis titans.

In a question-and-answer session with children, the Spaniard said he liked playing tennis as a kid and the love slowly turned into a passion and career interest as the years rolled.

Rafael Nadal says he started to excel soon after taking up tennis

Revealing his love for tennis, Rafael Nadal said, “I really enjoyed it as a kid.

I’ve always really liked sports. I played football, tennis. I liked all sports”. The Spaniard said seeing his uncle Toni imparting tennis lessons to kids at the Manacor club got him hooked on to the game. “I started playing tennis because my uncle was a coach at the club in Manacor, which is my hometown,” Nadal said.

“I started playing there with the other kids at the school, and well, I started to get good at tennis. I think that was when I was eight or nine years old, I already stood out,” Nadal said. He added that once his uncle took notice of his talent, there was no looking back.

“And well, life led me to keep playing tennis. I enjoyed playing, I liked to compete,” Nadal said, adding that it was through the sport that he made a lot of new friends. “And thanks to tennis, I made lots of new friends.

And the truth is that I had a great time. I also had the chance when I was young to travel to some tournaments in Spain where I met lots of people and had a very good time,” Nadal said.