Rafael Nadal: 'You have to fight until the end because...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'You have to fight until the end because...'

Jannik Sinner will be Rafael Nadal's sparring partner during the preparation for the Australian Open, the first slam scheduled (from 8 February) in 2021. The baby blue talent and the twenty-time slam winner will be a steady couple for a week, in the days approach for the Melbourne tournament.

As we know, the Australian authorities have imposed several rules to follow to prevent the spread of the infection within the circuit and beyond, given that the great fear of the state of Victoria (the most affected among those in Australia) is yet another recovery of the epidemic.

For this reason, the preparation for the first slam will be long and extremely controlled: the players will have to arrive in Australia between 15 and 16 January and will have two weeks of training with very stringent measures.

In the first of the two weeks it will be possible to train only in pairs and with the same "sparring partner" In this way, Nadal and Sinner will prepare together for seven days, effectively sharing the days of total isolation (moving from the hotel room to the field will be allowed, then little else).

In the following week, the two joined another couple, the one formed by Stan Wawrinka and Diego Schwartzman. Rafael Nadal recently spoke at length about his famed mental strength and his attitude during matches. The Spaniard also revealed he is happy with his 2020 season overall, since he won two tournaments.

Rafael Nadal on his famed mental strength

During a recent interview with Mallorca Caprice, Rafael Nadal spoke at length about his mental framework during matches. "As regards the matches, in tennis the match does not end until the last point and you have to fight until the end because there is always the possibility of winning," Nadal said.

"Of course there are more complicated games, very complicated, but there is always an option." The Spaniard, however, doesn’t consider his mental strength to be more important than his physical ability. “I think that in the world of tennis everything goes together, it is not a question of one thing or another.

Both have to go well combined to win games,” the 34-year-old continued. “Never. Quite the opposite," Nadal said. "I have always had immense support from my family and my environment. I am very grateful for it and I think that is how it has to be, especially when you are a child and the only important thing is to have fun, giving always your best shot but having fun."