Rafael Nadal attacked on social media after winning the Stefan Edberg award

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Rafael Nadal attacked on social media after winning the Stefan Edberg award

After the announcement of his success at the Stefan Edberg Sportmanship Awards, Rafael Nadal has suffered some attacks on social media from those who did not agree with the award of this recognition to the Spanish champion, deemed undeserving due to some of his attitudes court In fact, some believe that the Spaniard does not meet certain criteria that should make a tennis player the perfect example during a match.

The main complaint concerns the time taken to perform the service, considered by some people to be long and exhausting and therefore unsportsmanlike. An accusation that throws fuel on a champion light years away from being unsportsmanlike, but who, on the contrary, never misses an opportunity to prove himself a perfect example of respect for the opponent and self-denial at all times.

It is not the first time that Rafa has returned to the subject

Lately Rafa had also explained this attitude that obviously annoys the fans more than the tennis players against whom the 20-time slam champion is competing.

As if he wanted to anticipate possible future negative comments, Manacor's southpaw had uttered the following words “I will never do anything to annoy or deceive my opponent. Yes it is true that I have this tic with my shorts since the beginning of my career, there is no cure, I know.

The rest of the things I've added are there because they allow me to stay focused and visualize the point I want to play. It is true that I can take longer than other players to serve, but for this reason it seems perfect that there is a watch that measures time and to which I adapt,"csaid Rafa, who among other things has already announced his presence at the first slam of the year, the Australian Open, with enough advance.

Some days ago, during an interview with the microphones of Celebrity magazine, Rafael Nadal talked about himself and analyzed all the changes that have taken place in the world of tennis after the arrival of the Coronavirus.

The Spaniard began by talking about what this particular season brought: "The only positive thing about the Lockdown was that it stopped the cases of contagion. But I don't think the stop itself has helped anyone, especially in the tennis world.

In the end we were able to work correctly, with a clear goal, avoiding injuries and adapting to needs. In my case above all, when the body has to stop for a long time it is definitely hard, I had to do a lot of training to recover not only my physical condition but also my way of playing."

As for tennis, Rafa has no doubts: "I would have loved to face Bjorn Borg. I always had the feeling that he was unbeatable, he was a tennis titan. Obviously we are talking about a totally different historical period, but I would have liked to play him."

We recall that the last official match played by the Spanish tennis player dates back to last November, at the ATP Finals, where Nadal was defeated in the semifinals by Daniil Medvedev, future winner of the tournament in the final against Austrian Dominic Thiem.