Rafael Nadal: 'Little by little we can get out of this problem that...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Little by little we can get out of this problem that...'

World number 2 Rafael Nadal won only one tournament in 2020, but certainly thick as he triumphed at Roland Garros and thanks to this he reached Roger Federer in the ranking of tennis players with the most Slams in history.

The Spanish tennis player after struggling in Rome (coming out in the Quarter Finals) dominated in Paris by realizing an incredible ride without losing even a set and then knocking down the eternal rival and number one in the world Novak Djokovic in the final.

In 2021 Rafa has several goals and will start the season by playing and trying to win the ATP Cup, a tournament that will be held from February 1st to 5th and which will see Rafa as leader of his nation. Then the number two in the world will go to the Australian Open where, thanks to the absence of the great rival Roger Federer, he will have the opportunity in case of victory to overtake him and become the most successful athlete of all time with 21 Grand Slam titles.

Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal has been bestowed with yet another honor - this time at the Sport Values Awards gala organized by the newspaper Sport and Prensa Iberica.

Rafael Nadal on the role sports plays to bring in positivity and hope

For an online gala event, Rafael Nadal joined in from his home and spoke a few words about the responsibility and values all elite athletes hold.

Positivity was the motto for Nadal as he congratulated other winners of the awards, which included soccer star Lionel Messi and badminton ace Carolina Marin. He said: “Well, good to everyone, I am very excited to receive this award from Diario Sport, that is not only focused on sporting merits but also on the values ​​that we can represent as athletes… I also do want to take the opportunity to congratulate the rest of the winners, thanks to all of you for representing the world of sport in such a positive way”.

Nadal acknowledged the loss the world has faced due to COVID-19 and that slowly the world will come up again. 2020 was a tough year, and thus Nadal felt that sport played a huge part in bringing hope to people. He said: “Perhaps it is not the year that we will remember in our lives due to the issue of the virus that has resulted in a brutal health crisis, but also a social and economic crisis.

Let’s trust that little by little we can get out of this problem that is hitting us in such a strong way. I believe that sport somehow has a little bit of this flag to convey hope and transmitting positive values ​​for society… For this reason, I am especially excited that Diario Sport has thought of me as a positive reference to these values. So thank you very much and we hope that next year at the gala we can already be in person as we all wish”.