'There’s a really fine line Rafael Nadal needs between...', says top coach

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'There’s a really fine line Rafael Nadal needs between...', says top coach

When we talk about Rafael Nadal we are most likely talking about the strongest tennis player, results in hand, in the history of tennis on clay, a result that we can see especially in Roland Garros, a tournament where over the years the Majorcan has achieved incredible results and where he is the tennis player.

who has won more titles, 13 of which the last just a few months ago. Nadal made his Roland Garros debut in 2015 when he was only 18. Despite his age, the tennis player had just returned from victories in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome and started as the main favorite in Paris.

Here he did not miss the expectations and managed to beat first Roger Federer and then the insidious terraiolo Mariano Puerta and thus become the last teenager to triumph in a Grand Slam tournament. Rafa's numbers in Paris are impressive: the tennis player has won 13 editions out of 15 participations and has won 100 wins out of 102 matches.

According to American coach Paul Annacone, Rafael Nadal thrives with matches under his belt - which he normally has plenty of before the US Open. On the other hand, the Australian Open usually comes after a long break for the Spaniard.

Annacone talks about Rafael Nadal

"This is one of those questions right, that why hasn’t he won more there?" Paul Annacone explained. "Four US Open, it's hardcourt down in Australia as well. And I’ve thought a lot about it, I think there’s a really fine line Rafael Nadal needs between the right amount of matches and not too many matches.

So when he starts the year in Australia, he’s coming off a long break, he gets a couple of matches, maybe the ATP Cup, here and there but by the time US Open comes around, he’s got a little bit of break after Wimbledon.

He’s played three Majors already, so that works well for him." Nadal isn’t young anymore. He will turn 35 in 2021 and has only a handful of years left until his retirement. Nadal is still an elite player but as he gets older, the record will be tough to beat.

On an average, Nadal plays 30-40 clay matches a year. This means that he will have to play at his top level for the next six years to beat Vilas’ record of 681. With Nadal on the wrong side of the 30s, it is tough for Nadal to break Vilas’ record. The 2020 French Open champ might just be able to break Orantes’ record and move to 2nd in the all-time list.