Rafael Nadal: 'Not only the medical solution has always been found but...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Not only the medical solution has always been found but...'

There is now less than a month to go until the 2021 Australian Open, a competition that will begin on June 8th. Due to the various restrictions and quarantine that every tennis player will have to face, however, in a few days all tennis players will leave for the oceanic continent to train (first week in two people and second week in four people) strictly respecting the protocol.

A situation that occurred in recent days and announced by Craig Tiley was not particularly liked by tennis players and consequently also by one of the founders of the PTPA, that is the number one in the world Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian tennis player, as well as some of the tennis players who will go to Australia, are not happy with the difference in treatment between the stars of the male and female circuit and the other tennis players: in fact the Top 3 of the male seeding and the top female tennis players will suffer the quarantine in Adelaide compared to all the other tennis players who will instead carry out the mandatory quarantine in Melbourne where they certainly will not have the same luxuries and will probably get a different treatment.

In fact, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Serena Williams, Simona Halep and Naomi Osaka will go to Adelaide with perhaps the possibility of adding a few more people, perhaps among the training partners of the Top (perhaps even Jannik Sinner himself, partner of Rafael Nadal for the first week).

The tennis players of Adelaide will certainly have a difference in restrictions compared to those of Melbourne, starting first from the number of people who can accompany an athlete: for those who go to Melbourne there cannot be more than two people and they can leave the hotel room for train and dine for just five hours a day.

Those who go to Adelaide will be able to have a greater number of companions and this members will be able to be out of the hotel room for up to five hours. These will also have access to a 24-hour gym inside the hotel with the tennis players who can go there even outside the five-hour regulation.

Speaking recently on the 'Saber Vivir' show for Spanish network television, Rafael Nadal revealed the extent to which he has been ravaged by injuries, and what his mindset has been like while dealing with it all.

Rafael Nadal on his multiple injury woes

"It’s true that I have faced many injury problems in my career," said Rafael Nadal (roughly translated from the Spanish program).

"But well, it is also true that the way to solve them has always been found. Some have counted for more, others for less, but the solution has always been found. And not only the medical solution has always been found but also the tennis solution."

The Spaniard further spoke about the mental toll that his multiple injuries have taken over the years. "When you accumulate problems, it is also not only the momentary issue but what remains inside your head and how it disappoints you to see what to do when you get injured. But, you have to return," said the 20-time Grand Slam champion.