'I'm ready to challenge Rafael Nadal on clay', says Top 10

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'I'm ready to challenge Rafael Nadal on clay', says Top 10

While 2020 should have represented the year of confirmations and great successes at the slam level, which in reality did not actually occur, thanks to an anomalous season, the new year of Stefanos Tsitsipas cannot absolutely ignore some acute at the highest levels.

In fact, the season that has just opened will no longer enjoy a scoring system frozen in time and therefore if the Greek wants to secure the top positions he will have to achieve great results without too many pauses or gaps in concentration.

The talent is there and this is clear to everyone, fans and insiders, however what the Athens champion lacks is a certain linearity within the matches, still too conditioned by instinct and competitive fury which, if weakened from the opponent, does not always find the strength to rekindle.

Age, of course, is on his side, but what seems evident is the need for a further step, more mental than technical, on which the performance of the Greek in the next grand slam tournaments will almost certainly depend, where if it is true that the five sets can somehow help the players to overcome the pauses of concentration, it is also evident that without adequate mental preparation it is difficult to get to the bottom, especially when you are facing the great champions.

Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas had previously wished to ban Rafael Nadal forever from Roland Garros. And before that, Russia’s Daniil Medvedev had trolled himself by sharing a video of Rafa winning the 2050 French Open.

Tsitsipas deems clay as an ideal surface to learn tennis

Considering his potential, Stefanos Tsitsipas will definitely strike back louder to make up for the losses in 2020. But before that, he looked back on his development in the game.

“I have learned to play on clay,” Stefanos said in a recent interview. “It is the ideal surface to learn the technique and tactics of tennis”. While a clay court helps players develop their game and become more patient, it makes the adaptability on hard courts quite difficult.

For instance, Spain’s Rafael Nadal has dominated clay tournaments throughout his career, but he has found trouble everywhere else. “It took me some time to transition to the other fields,” the World No. 6 revealed.

“But I’ve always been of the opinion that technique is absolutely fundamental”. The bottom line is that tennis is all about control over a tennis ball. “If you hit the ball well, then the whole game benefits,” he explained.

Tsitsipas will soon be flying to Melbourne Park to begin his 2021 season. Starting from the ATP Cup as a representative of Greece, he will next compete for the Australian Open 2021 title.