Rafael Nadal: 'Some have counted for more, others for less'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Some have counted for more, others for less'

In addition to the 20 Slams, other records, so to speak minor, could fall or be improved in the course of 2021. Rafael Nadal could also overtake Roger Federer in the total of the Slam finals played: the Swiss is at 31, the Spanish at 28 and the Serbian at 28.

27. Still on the subject of finals, Federer is in pursuit of Connors also in the overall number played in his career: Jimbo is at 163, Federer at 157. Federer chases Connors also in the total number of games won as a professional in the Tour: Connors is at 1274, Federer at 1242.

Thirty-two games and it will be a record, perhaps to be hit in the second half of 2021. All still very in the balance also with regard to the successes in the Masters 1000: Novak Djokovic leads with 36, but Rafa is only one length away, as well as in the calculation of the finals: 52 for the Serbian, 51 for the Majorcan and 50 for the Swiss.

In this special segment of tournaments, which remains the flagship of the ATP circuit, Rafa boasts 389 games won, Federer 381 and Nole 365. Speaking recently on the 'Saber Vivir' show for Spanish network television, Rafael Nadal revealed the extent to which he has been ravaged by injuries, and what his mindset has been like while dealing with it all.

Nadal reflects on his injuries

"It’s true that I have faced many injury problems in my career," said Rafael Nadal (roughly translated from the Spanish program). "But well, it is also true that the way to solve them has always been found.

Some have counted for more, others for less, but the solution has always been found. And not only the medical solution has always been found but also the tennis solution. I know when injuries appear that all I can do is accept it and take the path of peace, of patience and of daily work to achieve the goal that is to recover well as quickly as possible.

Having said that, the most important thing is to recover fully," Nadal said. Rafael Nadal is now preparing for the Australian swing in January-February, during which he will bid to win his 21st Grand Slam title. If he does win the Australian Open this year, he will become the sole record holder for most Majors won, and also the first man since Roy Emerson to have won two titles at each of the Slams.

With his growing age, Rafa is getting hungrier and hungrier to win tournaments. He will start his clay campaign as the undoubtable favorite player. But given the rise of next-generation players such as Austria’s Dominic Thiem, it will not be a cakewalk for Nadal.

The reigning US Open champion has played in two French Open finals in 2018 and 2019; both times, Rafa himself has defeated him. Nevertheless, the 2021 ATP Tour has only just begun and there is a lot to cover before the French Open. Nadal and Thiem will be travelling to Adelaide this week to start their Australian Tour.