'When Rafael Nadal began to stand out as a tennis player...', says Xisca

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'When Rafael Nadal began to stand out as a tennis player...', says Xisca

2020 served Rafael Nadal to win his 13th title at Roland Garros, his fourth overall without losing a single set along the way. Although he showed up in Paris without too much confidence and with very few matches in his legs, the Spanish phenomenon once again defeated the competition by reaffirming - if anything were needed - that he simply belongs to another category on clay.

To say the least, the performance of the final was emblematic, which saw the 34-year-old Majorcan inflict one of the heaviest blows of his career on Novak Djokovic. Rafa then tried to break the Finals taboo, but his excellent ride at the O2 Arena in London mockingly came to a halt in the semifinals with an indomitable Daniil Medvedev.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion has made a name for himself in recent months also thanks to his charitable activity, with the aim of supporting those people who have suffered most from the effects of the global pandemic. In a recent interview with Ultima Hora, Xisca Perello - Nadal's wife - illustrated her husband's involvement in numerous charitable initiatives.

Xisca on Rafael Nadal's effort

“Yes (Rafael Nadal continues to help other charities),” Xisca Perello said. “In the end it is a part of Rafa. Requests of all kinds come to him, and whenever it is in his hands, he collaborates.

Rafa helps us in various ways, such as participating in various events,” Xisca continued. “We receive funds from collaborators, sponsoring companies, anonymous donors, charitable events, etc. When Rafa began to stand out as a tennis player, they were making proposals to him to participate in charity events,” Rafael Nadal’s wife added.

“There came a time when it was proposed to create something from which to manage our funds and improve society a little with our projects. The priority is to continue developing the projects and care,” added Xisca.

“If everything improves, for next year, we will do events”. The Australian Open 2021 seems to be lurching from one bad news to another even before the ball is officially set rolling. After reports that two plane-loads of players had been forced into quarantine without the option of training after a few crew members in their chartered flights tested COVID positive, several players took to Instagram to vent their ire over the food being served under quarantine.

On Sunday, Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley ruled out further postponing the Australian Open in the light of recent developments. He said that the event, for now, would go ahead as planned.