Rafael Nadal: 'I’ve never been obsessed about trying...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I’ve never been obsessed about trying...'

The situation that several dozen tennis players in Australia are experiencing continues to hold its own. After their arrival in the land of the kangaroos, many players were forced to perform solitary confinement in their hotel rooms.

A situation of great protection from the danger represented by Covid-19, but also a problem from an organizational point of view. Also because in a few days the Australian Open will start, and many of these athletes have never played or trained in these days.

A complicated situation, but one that Rafael Nadal does not feel to criticize so harshly. The Spanish champion, during a video interview carried out on Twitter, made it clear that, no matter how big the problem is in terms of advertising, there is little to complain about on the health front.

“Obviously - said Nadal - it's a very different situation, very stressful, but at least we are here and we have the possibility to play. The world is suffering. We can not complain. We have tennis Australia and the Australian community to thank for accepting us into the country, for being here.

They have been under severe restrictions for months but at least we are here and we can compete”. Nadal realizes the difficulties that his colleagues are experiencing on a physical and athletic level. But at the same time he doesn't feel like criticizing the organization, which is paying great attention to the health and safety aspects of the subjects.

“Obviously it is a complicated situation - admits the Majorcan -, especially for the 72 who are in quarantine. Obviously it's not an ideal situation for them and I'm very sorry. But we knew that the measures here would be very severe.

Australia is one of the countries that has done the best in this pandemic, one of the best examples of how they have reacted to this difficulty." Speaking to veteran CNN reporter and news show host Christiane Amanpour, Rafael Nadal said that while he is privileged to be in competition with Federer and Serb Novak Djokovic for the most Grand Slam titles, he merely focuses on being the best that he can be on court.

Rafael Nadal says he focuses on giving his all every single moment

Rafael Nadal said that while records are important to him as a professional tennis player, he has never been driven by the thought of being the best or finishing his career with a certain number of titles.

“I just try my best every single day. That’s all… For me, records are important, of course, I’m a competitor. But I’ve never been obsessed about trying to be the best or not,” Nadal said. The current World Number 2 added that his main objective is to give his absolute best every time he steps on the court and let results and records take care of themselves. “I have just been focused on trying to give my best in every single moment,” Nadal said.