Rafael Nadal: "No more complaining about what we don't have"

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Rafael Nadal: "No more complaining about what we don't have"

In these days of quarantine Rafael Nadal is releasing several and interesting statements on what is happening in Australia and on the controversies of the last few days. According to some tennis players Nadal, Djokovic and Thiem are enjoying a different treatment than the remaining athletes on the circuit and this situation has generated quite a few controversies.

Interviewed on the microphones of CNN, Rafa returned to this speech with the aim of calming the spirits and making his colleagues think. Here are his words: "I am very sorry for the situation in which there are 72 tennis players, unable to leave their room but they, like us, knew it before.

Before flying to Australia they explained how the protocol worked and we knew what could happen. On the other hand, we should feel privileged to be able to carry out our profession. Playing tennis at a time when hundreds of people die every day, as happens for example in Spain, is fortunate and there is no complain.

I have friends who are suffering from the virus and it involves them firsthand. We tennis players should have a broader view of what is happening. With the whole world suffering we cannot stand here complaining."

Rafael Nadal and retirement

Then the Spanish champion, number two in the world, continued: "How is the preparation going? I'm not used to it, I've never done this but in the meantime I'm happy to compete in the 2021 ATP Cup.

This year is a special situation and as the days go by we will understand how this situation works where the ATP Cup takes place before a big tournament. Withdrawal? I don't know, I'm still motivated at the moment. My current motivation is to play the Australian Open 2021, I don't think about anything else.

I know I won't play forever but I enjoy every moment and when the end of my career comes it won't be a drama, we'll think about something else. Also I'm sure I'll have children with my partner, it's something we both want."

Next week Rafa will be involved in the Atp Cup where Spain is in the group with Australia and Greece with the Iberians starting favorites. Nadal will challenge Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alex De Minaur.