Rafael Nadal: 'I never dreamed about being where I am at 34'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I never dreamed about being where I am at 34'

Rafael Nadal's schedule of commitments for the 2021 world tennis season is ready. 2020 was undoubtedly a complicated year because, due to the coronavirus epidemic, many tournaments have been skipped or have been moved and remodeled in compliance with the health protocols adopted for the protection of the health of athletes and professionals.

Despite this, the Spanish champion still managed to score important victories, such as the thirteenth Roland Garros of his glittering career, as well as the 20th Grand Slam, a title that allowed him to equal his main rival Roger Federer.

The Iberian champion then excelled at the Mexico Open in Acapulco, closing 2020 at number 2 in the ATP ranking for the seventh time, behind Novak Djokovic. On the contrary, he failed to win at Paris Bercy and the ATP Finals.

Especially in this last competition he had to swallow a bitter mouthful, having been eliminated in the semifinals by Daniil Medvedev who then won the final victory. Rafael Nadal has started his Australian Open preparations in the best way possible, defeating rival Dominic Thiem 7-5, 6-4 at the Adelaide exhibition event on Friday.

Rafael Nadal on enjoying every single moment

Rafael Nadal also expressed his delight at playing in front of a packed stadium, and added that he hopes to have the 'right preparation' ahead of the year’s first Grand Slam.

Nadal has 20 Major titles to his name but has won the Australian Open only once, and the Mallorcan referred to that imbalance while speaking to the spectators. "I think for both (himself and Dominic Thiem) of us it's been an amazing pleasure to be here in Adelaide for the first time in our lives," Nadal added.

"Has been amazing to play a game in front of you guys, we missed (this) a lot. And yeah, I hope to have the right preparation for the Australian Open. I won there in 2009, I think almost everybody forget about that (laughs) but I keep trying hard!

This year it is a special one and I gonna keep trying my best." Rafael Nadal added that he is 'super happy' that he is still able to compete and play in front of packed stands - something that he hopes sees a return all over the world in the near future.

"I never dreamed about being where I am at 34," Nadal said. "If you tell me that 10 years ago, I will tell you, okay forget it but here I am and I am super happy, enjoying every single moment that I am able keep competing, keep playing in front of the best crowds in the world. Hopefully this situation will go away quick and we will be able to enjoy the fans on the court."