'It was shocking for me that Rafael Nadal...', says Grand Slam champion

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'It was shocking for me that Rafael Nadal...', says Grand Slam champion

Surprise at the Australian Open, where world number two is eliminated and in the tournament Rafael Nadal who leaves his first Grand Slam of the year after a four-hour battle against Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas. To understand Tsitsipas's feat, just think that he is the second player in history (in a Grand Slam and the third overall) to come back and win after being two sets behind 0 against the Iberian.

The Greek enters the semifinals after a battle that lasted four hours: he makes up the gap and takes the match home with a score of 3-6 2-6 7-6 6-4 7-5. Tsitsipas, who arrived fresher at the match since he did not play the challenge with Berrettini, scored 17 aces, 49 winners and 38 errors and was good at not being discouraged after the disadvantage and to find and impose the game on him.

Nadal, on the other hand, didn't make big mistakes but in the end he arrived tired and without physical or mental energy. The Australina Open remains taboo, with only one win in 2009. At the end of the game, the 22-year-old, who reaches the penultimate step of the tournament for the second time in his career, says he is speechless and very happy especially for the reaction after the third set.

Now the Greek will challenge Daniil Medvedev, a Russian who did not make much effort in the derby and got rid of fellow countryman Andrej Rublev 7-5 6-3 6-2: for him this is the 19th victory in a row. An impressive figure that makes us understand how the next match with Tsitsipas will be more than interesting.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov recently spoke with Tennis Majors about Rafael Nadal's exit from the 2021 Australian Open. Kafelnikov expressed surprise at the manner of Nadal's loss on Wednesday; the Russian expected the World No.

2's experience to see him through against his younger opponent, but that wasn't to be.

Kafelnikov on Rafael Nadal

"The way the first two sets unfolded, of course I did not expect for Tsitsipas to win," Yevgeny Kafelnikov said.

"It was shocking for me that Rafael Nadal lost three straight sets.Tsitsipas is definitely a great player, no question about it; he is very talented and he has got the skills to be one of the very best. Tsitsipas' game suits Medvedev’s style of play and I do not see how Stefanos can present problems for Daniil, to be honest," Kafelnikov said.

"In my opinion, Tsitsipas does not possess a 'killer' shot that could cause Medvedev trouble and Daniil likes to play against opponents with one-handed backhands, Tsitsipas is not going to be able to hurt him off that wing."