Rafael Nadal: 'It's strange, especially for us older players who...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'It's strange, especially for us older players who...'

He missed the appointment only in 2004 and 2010. Eleven titles out of fifteen holdings. We are talking about Rafael Nadal’s curriculum at the ATP 500 in Barcelona, ​​a tournament that will also be enriched this year by the presence of the Manacor phenomenon.

Rafa, one of the many illustrious names who have called themselves out of the Masters 1000 in Miami, has in fact confirmed that he will take part in the 68th edition of the Conde de Godó Trophy. He announces it on his website and on all available media the organization of the event directed by David Ferrer, the latest to be able to boast of having snatched a set from a winning Nadal in Catalonia.

It was the final act of 2008 and, since then, every title of his has reached the end of a clear path, in spite of Ferru who tried to get in the way in the next three finals between the two. As sporting director, the former rival explains that "Rafa's presence in Barcelona is very important for the tournament and will be even more important after the cancellation of last year's edition"

And he adds enthusiastically: “What Nadal has done in his career is something spectacular and unique. We have to explain to fans that it will not be replicated. Rafa is a legend of this sport and we have to enjoy him as long as we can”.

The appointment is therefore on April 21, immediately after the "Mille" in Monte Carlo, for a tournament of which the defending champion Dominic Thiem, victorious in the final over a Daniil Medvedev who began the attack on the top ten, while in 2018 the second place was another young man on the rise, Stefanos Tsitsipas.

In a recent interview with Santander, Nadal expressed his desire to be fully ready for the claycourt season, adding that it is the 'most important time of the year' for him.

Rafael Nadal on closed-door tennis

"I want to be competitive and well-prepared heading into Monte Carlo and the whole clay-court swing which is the most important time of the year for me," Rafael Nadal said.

"I am working very hard for that." Despite occasionally witnessing crowds, tennis has largely been a spectator-free sport during the ongoing pandemic. "It's sad to play without that extra energy," Nadal said.

"It's strange, especially for us older players who used to travel with family and many other people. Let's hope that thanks to vaccines there will be a normal situation again."