Rafael Nadal: 'Uncle Toni left because he was...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Uncle Toni left because he was...'

It cannot be said that Rafael Nadal's season has not started uphill. First the vicissitudes of the Australian quarantine and then the injury that partly conditioned him during the first Slam of the year and finally the uncertainties always linked to the physical problem that risk lengthening the preparation time in view of the campaign on clay.

However, the time for evaluations is very tight and the first dates on the red floor. It must be said that this is not the first time that Rafa has been on European clay after participating only in Melbourne, however it is also true that this is an anomalous season, so it is difficult to make comparisons.

Furthermore, the age of the twenty-time Grand Slam champion has become a more important and delicate factor than in other years. But, what are the plans of the tennis player from Manacor? Let's go in order: so far Nadal has not hinted at cuts or changes in his program, which would theoretically lead him to play all tournaments, namely Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome and, icing on the cake, Paris.

However, the difficulties of the last few weeks could perhaps delay his return, for example. Another factor that could weigh are the results achieved in 2019, which from this month, due to the thaw of the ranking, will weigh again in the classification of athletes.

Taking the participation in Paris for granted, the participation in Rome also seems safe, where he won in 2019 and therefore defends a thousand points. It must also be said that, thanks to a clay court campaign with some slips in 2019, if the results were to be confirmed, Rafa will protect not too many points collected that year in spring, so the option to give up one of the others Tournaments, for one thing, wouldn't risk taking away too many points, but at the same time it could represent a missed opportunity to add new ones to the rankings.

Rafael Nadal shed some light on his relationship with Roger Federer during a recent conversation with Santander, one of his sponsors. Nadal revealed that despite the fact that he and Federer get along very well, they are not tell-each-other-everything kind of friends.

Rafael Nadal on his uncle Toni

"We are very good companions and as the time went on, our relationship improved," Rafael Nadal said. "We are not close friends; I would not tell him that my knee hurts before facing him.

But we can call each other anytime and speak about anything. I spoke with him just today!" Nadal was then probed about his coaching team, which has largely remained unchanged throughout his career. The only major change was the 2016 departure of former coach and uncle Toni Nadal, whose position was eventually filled by present-coach Carlos Moya.

"I have been having the same team since I was 15 years old," Nadal said. "Uncle Toni left because he was tired of traveling. I trust them a lot."