'Rafael Nadal is my idol, I met him at Laver Cup,' says Leo Borg

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'Rafael Nadal is my idol, I met him at Laver Cup,' says Leo Borg

Competing at the professional events for the first time this year, the 17-year-old Leo Borg received the Marbella Challenger wild card. The young Swede faced the 6th seed Taro Daniel in the first round and suffered a 6-1, 6-2 loss in 69 minutes, unable to challenge the better-ranked opponent and getting broken four times.

Borg will now travel to Mallorca and practice at Rafael Nadal's courts, stating he always loved to play there. Leo met his idol Rafa at the Laver Cup, where his father Bjorn serves as the Team Europe captain and will have a chance to spend more time with the 20-time Major champion in the upcoming days.

"It means a lot to me that they allowed me to play here in Marbella, and I am very grateful. My father never pushed me to be a tennis player, nor did I ask him about it. My father has achieved a lot in this sport, but I have always wanted to play tennis on my initiative.

I know that he is proud of me and what I'm doing; I will do my best to achieve a nice career. I'm aware of all the comparisons with my father, but I don't care what they say. I think about my future and my own goals.

My father was a defensive player, and our styles are different. Unlike him, I want to attack instead of just passing the ball to the other side.

Leo Borg praised his idol Rafael Nadal.

I went to Mallorca to train at Nadal's courts a couple of times, but I can't practice there at the moment due to restrictions.

I live and train in Stockholm, and my coach is also there. I go to Mallorca from time to time and will be there after finishing my Marbella duties. I met Rafa at the Laver Cup, where my father is one of the captains; Rafa has always been my idol.

My goal is to become professional, earn a living from tennis and become the top-10. I have seen Carlos Alcaraz many times, and I think it is good for tennis to have young players at this level. We have never faced each other, but I hope to change that in the future," Leo Borg said.