'Even if Rafael Nadal wins his 21st Slam...', says legend

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'Even if Rafael Nadal wins his 21st Slam...', says legend

There is a lot of curiosity about when Novak Djokovic will return to the field and the Serbian press, in particular the newspaper Blic and his colleague Saso Ozmo, reported what Nole's program will be in view of Roland Garros, his next goal for the run-up to the Slams.

by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Djokovic will play not only in the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo but also in the ATP in Belgrade, a home tournament he is very keen on. Then he decided to participate in the Masters 1000 in Rome while he will miss the Madrid tournament: this choice seems to be due to the fact that the Spanish tournament has different characteristics compared to both the Italic Forum and the Paris tournament.

Not everything is final yet, we will be sure of this when the Entry Lists of the last tournaments before the Slam on red are announced. Novak Djokovic, together with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, is building the greatest dynasty in the history of tennis and the Serbian has repeatedly admitted that his main goal is to destroy any record and thus become the best of all.

A few weeks ago he reached yet another career record, surpassing his eternal rival Roger Federer in the number of weeks at number 1 in the ATP ranking. Meanwhile, Sania Mirza believes Roger Federer is the greatest player of all time because his talent level is higher than that of anyone.

Mirza talks about the GOAT

According to Mirza, even if Rafael Nadal crosses Roger Federer's record Slam tally, the Swiss would remain ahead because of the ease with which he plays. Sania Mirza, who has herself won six Grand Slams in her career, refused to buy into the numbers game during the interview.

In addition to Roger Federer, Mirza also cited 23-time Major champion Serena Williams, who is chasing Margaret Court's record tally in Melbourne this year, as an example to further her argument. "I mean, I don't think so," Mirza replied when asked whether number of Slams is the sole factor in the GOAT debate.

"Then Serena Williams wouldn't be the greatest women's player today, and Roger Federer wouldn't be, because Roger has the numbers to back him but does one Slam really change whether you're the greatest or not."

At the end of the segment, Mirza claimed that Serena Williams and Roger Federer would still enjoy their status as the 'greatest ever' based on their talent alone, regardless of whether they held the record for most Grand Slams won or not.

"Hands down, Serena is the greatest woman to play the sport. Whether she reaches the number or not is irrelevent, I mean it's just the way she plays she is the greatest ever. And just the way Roger plays," Mirza said.