Rafael Nadal: 'I will not play until 45, but I'm still motivated to chase Majors'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I will not play until 45, but I'm still motivated to chase Majors'

Rafael Nadal turns 35 in June, and he is still eager to chase notable titles and extend his career for a couple of more years. The 20-time Major champion said that he enjoys life outside the court, knowing how to relax and spend quality time when he is away from the tournament or a practice court.

At his age, Rafa stated it is essential to combine both lives to remain motivated and bring the same intensity to his training sessions every day after spending almost 20 years on the Tour. Also, the Spaniard admitted he will now play until 45, feeling happy about his game at the moment while acknowledging the retirement has to come at some point.

Rafael Nadal said that he can't play for ten more years, happy with the way things are going. While feeling passionate about chasing more Major crowns, Rafa has a different philosophy than Novak Djokovic, who wants to beat him and Roger at any cost and finish the career with most Majors on his tally.

Rafa sees nothing negative in that, although he has a different kind of ambition, feeling happy if he can play injury-free and give his best at every tournament and practice session. Nadal will seek the 12th Barcelona Open title this week, failing to achieve that in Monte Carlo following a tough loss to Andrey Rublev in three sets in the quarter-final.

"I like to enjoy life. I'm very proud that I have been a professional tennis player for years while always finding time to enjoy things off the court. I'm 34, and I have to find time to relax. I will not be playing until 45, although I always try to do the best things and extend my career.

The retirement will come one day, but I'm happy with what I'm doing now. I'm enjoying my tennis life and would love to extend it for a couple of more years. I'm still passionate and want to win more Majors, but I'm not obsessed with that like Novak Djokovic.

Don't get me wrong; it's nothing negative, and those things mean a lot to him. Novak is always focused on records; I respect that, but my approach is different. I'm also ambitious, but probably in another way than Novak," Rafael Nadal said.