'Rafael Nadal played two very good games but...', says former ATP ace

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'Rafael Nadal played two very good games but...', says former ATP ace

As is customary, Rafael Nadal optimistically arrives at the Barcelona Open 2021. The 34-year-old Spanish tennis player, current world number three, hopes to leave behind the unexpected defeat he suffered in Monte Carlo as soon as possible, ensuring that he tries to learn of your mistakes so they don't happen again.

“The conclusions I think were already clear after the game. I do not think there is more to think about it. Today's Monte Carlo is past. The defeats, even if they are not pleasant or positive, put everyone in their place and my place is the one that gave the Monte Carlo tournament.

Now we are in Barcelona and I hope to be ready to compete at the level I need. Things are analyzed from the games, things are seen that you have to improve. It is true that, in my day to day, unlike the defeats, the one the other day was a strange game, although it is a game that can be lost to a great rival such as Rublev, and I did things that were wrong and it was a bit surprise because I was training well every day and yet in the match I did not do some things well," said the winner of 20 Grand Slams.

"Other times you don't come well and you go fairer in training because you expect a defeat to happen, because it is more logical. It was not the case, it happened and you have to understand the things that happened so that they do not happen again."

David Ferrer recently waxed lyrical about compatriot Rafael Nadal's claycourt prowess, calling the Mallorcan the "clear favorite" for every match he plays on the surface.

Ferrer on how Nadal is an ideal ambassador

"Rafael Nadal played two very good games but it is true that Rublev surprised him (in Monte Carlo)," David Ferrer said.

"In the end, they just started the clay tour and for me, Rafa is the clear favorite on clay by game...If he doesn't have a major injury, he will always be the favorite. I would like to see him play forever." David Ferrer acknowledged that when asked to quantify Rafael Nadal's importance at the Barcelona Open.

The former World No. 3 pointed out how Nadal is an ideal ambassador for the event, given his admirable personal traits. "Rafa gives us preference, and for us, it is a privilege that such a special player comes here," David Ferrer said.

"We are very lucky. It's a matter of education. Rafa's family has made him understand many things. His education, respect, gratitude...The tournament is elevated with him. He is a special figure in tennis."