'I would like to see Rafael Nadal play...', says former ATP ace

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'I would like to see Rafael Nadal play...', says former ATP ace

The Spanish advertising and marketing agency DinamarKa will activate the digital sponsorship and will manage the attendance of the guests, for the first time in times of COVID-19, in the hospitality areas of the tournaments of the ATP Conde de Godó circuit in Barcelona and, among others, the Mutua Madrid Open.

This agency will exclusively activate the sponsorship of Estrella Damm in the Count of Godó, which runs from this Monday until Sunday, and the Mutua Madrid Madrid, from April 27 to May 9 at the Caja Mágica in the capital of Spain.

Likewise, its agreement with Tennium, the company that holds the rights to exploit and organize tournaments on the tennis circuit, will allow it to activate and manage the rest of the digital sponsors. Specifically, in the case of Godó, it will manage the sponsorship of more than 40 brands.

DinamarKa has developed a digital platform that allows guests to manage access to these hospitality areas, guaranteeing the security measures imposed by the health authorities in the current situation due to the pandemic.

In addition, based on its experience in the management of hospitality areas for sporting events, the Spanish agency has created the VRM firm, a sports rights platform that has signed a five-year contract with Formula 1 for the operation of a Virtual paddock on circuits in China, linked to all the great prizes on the World Cup calendar.

During a recent interview with Radio Marca, David Ferrer asserted that if Rafael Nadal is fit, he is still the single most dominant force on clay. According to Ferrer, Nadal's defeat to Rublev at Monte Carlo was down to the fact that the season's clay swing had only just started.

Nadal is still the single most dominant force on clay

"Rafael Nadal played two very good games but it is true that Rublev surprised him (in Monte Carlo)," David Ferrer said. "In the end, they just started the clay tour and for me, Rafa is the clear favorite on clay by game...If he doesn't have a major injury, he will always be the favorite.

I would like to see him play forever." While Rafael Nadal will turn 35 this June, Feliciano Lopez is almost 40, and many believe his days on the tour numbered. However, David Ferrer is holding out hope that retirement is still a very distant concept for both of them.

"If he cannot retire in Madrid I would love for him to retire in Barcelona, although I would like that both he and Rafa Nadal will never retire," Ferrer said.