'I have never heard the word 'pressure' from the mouths of Rafael Nadal', says legend

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'I have never heard the word 'pressure' from the mouths of Rafael Nadal', says legend

Dominic Thiem has opened up to the challenges of playing in the new normal and finding the motivation to compete. The Austrian tennis star has taken a year off from the game to heal minor problems and bounce back after a streak of poor results.

In an interview with a German publication, the current world No. 4 said that if you're not 100 percent fit, it's hard to find a way to win, especially without crowds from which to derive motivation. Asked how Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic blamed their first outings in Monte Carlo on the stands without spectators, saying they couldn't improve their game without applause, Thiem said it was indeed true.

However, he said that aside from the fact that there are no crowds at most events, the Tour appears to be progressing "relatively normally." they combined to inflict misery on him not only at the Australian Open, but also in Doha and Dubai.

After a heroic comeback win over local favorite Nick Kyrgios, Thiem was surprisingly listless in a fourth-round closed-door clash against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, with the 2019 runner-up falling in straight sets to exit the Australian Open.

He followed up with two more early starts in Doha and Dubai, raising questions about his fitness and form. Reflecting on his losing streak, Thiem said, “If you're not 100 percent, you've lost." Boris Becker recently gave his thoughts on Dominic Thiem's ongoing mental struggles.

Becker claimed that Thiem has to learn how to deal with pressure better, and that he needs some positive support from his team in this regard. The German pointed to the three current legends - Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal - and highlighted how the trio did not pay any attention to the pressure surrounding them in their quest to reach the top.

Becker talks about Dominic Thiem

"Now the environment is required, which has to make it clear to him: 'Boy, you are one of the top favorites in Paris'," Boris Becker said. "At 27, Dominic Thiem is in the prime of tennis, but needs a different approach to better deal with pressure.

I have never heard the word 'pressure' from the mouths of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic - although they should have some permanent pressure because of their success," Becker said. Becker also claimed there is pressure only "when it comes to survival or having to support a family." According to the German legend, those points don't apply to Dominic Thiem's situation.