'I should have done something more against Rafael Nadal', says ATP ace

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'I should have done something more against Rafael Nadal', says ATP ace

There it is again. Thursday May 13 also returns, the most anticipated protagonist, the ghost of the sports scene, the most colorful, most human, most unpredictable actor. What will he be like to hear his voice again, to see him in constant movement, to savor his presence again? How will he behave, how much will it affect the athletes after such a long and forced silence, what impact will he also have on television, after giving way to a cardboard claque in the stands? Be that as it may, for him, for the X Factor that had suddenly disappeared along with Covid, it will be a welcome back.

And he, once again, will pass through the main door of tennis, confirming that the sport of the racket is playing an increasingly important role on the national scene. Even towards football. Who are we talking about? He, no, because he is alive, he is made up of men, of a living crowd of people, young, old, men and women, we talk about passion, about emotions, we talk about ourselves, we talk about the public.

, of the people who return to sport and continue to do so at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia, until Sunday, with 25% of the capacity. Paving the way to the Italian Cup final on May 19 in Reggio Emilia between Juventus and Atalanta, when the stands will once again be filled to 20% of the stands.

For the happiness, above all, of the athletes and therefore also of the show. The public is inherent to sport, it is an integral part of it. And surely, with his silence, he left an important and noisy mark, very noisy. Expanding and distorting the reactions of athletes and coaches, changing the scene of the matches.

Needless to say, he has: we also miss him with his excesses, with his follies, with his mistakes. We miss him as an imperfect friend that we have always been used to and have now accepted everything from. Jannik Sinner's run at the 2021 Italian Open came to an end with his second-round loss to Rafael Nadal on Wednesday.

Sinner lost in straight sets but provided some stiff resistance to Nadal for most parts of the match.

Sinner after his loss against Rafael Nadal

The Italian believes he should have done better on the day against Rafael Nadal, given how much he has improved since the last time he faced the Mallorcan (at the 2020 French Open).

"For sure I'm more disappointed and especially sad today, because I think obviously we both played quite a high-level match," Jannik Sinner said. "Now it's tough to accept that I'm already out of the court because the first set I was up twice with a break, and the second set I was up with a break.

It's tough to accept, because obviously I think Roland Garros was more like a test to see where I am and this time I knew that I could have and maybe today I should have done something more." Jannik Sinner claimed he fared much better against Nadal than he did against Novak Djokovic at the Monte Carlo Masters.

But that only made the final result on Wednesday more painful for the Italian. "If I compare my game against Djokovic with today, I think I have improved in many things," Sinner said. "Today is a day that hurts, that will not even make me sleep well at night."